Dual Pallet High Volume CNC Milling and Tapping

At Duny Machine, we are a TS 16969 certified precision machine shop that focuses on producing custom parts through the use of automatic screw machining equipment. Armed with over 50 years of industry experience and a fully equipped manufacturing facility with complete tooling capacities and a wide range of screw machines, our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools to produce precision machined custom components for virtually any customer need. One of our core service offerings is CNC milling and tapping.

Our CNC Milling and Tapping Capabilities

For customers who cannot afford to invest the time or resources in in-house CNC milling and tapping operations, the team at Duny Machine can deliver.

Our dual pallet high-speed CNC milling and tapping capabilities enable us to produce precision parts to a customer’s exact specifications. We accommodate a wide range of parts sizes to tolerances of +/- .0005 inches and production volumes ranging from a single piece to millions of parts. If needed, customers may also provide certain parts to ensure project success. Typical lead time for most of our projects falls between two and four weeks.

Our Equipment

Our customers turn to us for a wide range of CNC milling and tapping needs. To fulfill these requests, we employ a broad selection of machining equipment to suit various part and production specifications. Our equipment inventory includes:

Screw Machines
  • Davenport
    • Length: 4.500 inches
    • Round: 0.875 inches
    • Hex: 0.750 inches
    • Square: 0.625 inches
  • Wickman
    • Length: 7 inches
    • Round: 1.750 inches
    • Hex: 1.500 inches
    • Square: 1.187 inches
  • New Britain
    • Length: 6.000 inches
    • Round: 2.250 inches
    • Hex: 1.938 inches
    • Square: 1.563 inches
  • Custom Small Autos
    • Length: 48 inches
    • Round: 0.250 inches
  • Gun Drill
    • Length: 12 inches
    • Round: 3 inches x ¾ hole

CNC Machine Centers

Our Value-Added Services

In addition to our CNC milling and tapping capabilities, we also offer various value-added services to ensure the development and delivery of fully finished parts. We regularly provide secondary operations for castings and other difficult-to-hold pieces.

Working With Duny Machine

At Duny Machine, we are fully committed to meeting the CNC milling and tapping needs of our customers with high-quality products and services. For additional information about our CNC milling and tapping or other machining capabilities, contact us today. If you want to partner with us on your next machined part project, request a quote, and LET DUNY DO IT!

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