Babbitt Repair

The Duny Group has more than 50 years of experience with precision machined parts. All of our divisions meet TS16949 Quality System Standards as part of our comprehensive suite of manufacturing and repair services. The Duny Group is made up of four divisions, each with its own unique capabilities. This structure enables us to serve an expansive range of needs for customers across a highly diverse range of industries.

Herculock, a division of Duny Group, specializes in repairing cracked and broken castings with cold repair processes that leave every part in excellent working condition. Our comprehensive repair capabilities include reliable and efficient babbitt repair.

Babbitt Repair

Babbitt RepairBabbitt bearings are high-quality, tough bearings that support weight and mitigate rotational friction on rotating industrial equipment. Products such as fans, turbines, and motors all rely on Babbitt bearings to support the shaft’s weight. These bearing get their name from the Babbitt metal bonded to the lining, which is a soft alloy that melts at relatively low temperatures.

Babbitt is a standard name for multiple alloys with similar characteristics that are used for bearings. This metal takes on the wear damage or damage from failures or chemical contamination to protect the shaft. As part of our comprehensive Babbitt repair process, we follow these steps:

  • Reconditioning the bearing
  • Cleaning the water jackets
  • Repairing the housing to meet any required specifications
  • Insulating the bearing

Comprehensive repairs return Babbitt bearings to peak working condition so your machinery can continue to perform without malfunctions or delays. Unscheduled downtime and malfunctions can be extremely costly to any business. We work fast with our state-of-the-art machinery and advanced processes to get your castings and Babbitt parts in proper working condition again.

Our cold repair processes feature a lock and lacing process that doesn’t use heat or cause associated heat damage. To ensure that each part is safe, parts may undergo extensive testing, such as hydrostatic testing, ultrasonic testing, MEG testing, and more.

Babbitt Repair Capabilities

We offer bearing repair, rebuilds, and complete rebabbitting as needed. Our capabilities include:

  • Lace and lock cold repair processes
  • Old Babbitt removal and replacement
  • Pouring new Babbitts
  • Machining parts with high-quality surface finishes for maximum performance
  • Creating Babbitts of various sizes and to a wide variety of specifications

Our team has been providing on-site and in-house Babbitt repair services to companies in the United States and Canada for over 75 years, and we work with a diverse range of customers in nearly every relevant industry.

Choose Herculock for Reliable Babbitt Repair

We take pride in our long legacy of providing customers with high-quality repairs, Babbitts, and savings. Our high-quality repairs ensure that companies face minimal unexpected downtime and can quickly get their equipment running again with repaired or replaced Babbitt bearings parts. We’ve developed a reputation among our customers for providing affordable repair services that drastically reduce costs, especially compared to expensive part replacements.

Please contact us or request a quote today to learn more about our capabilities or to request repair services for your equipment and LET DUNY DO IT!

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